Holi Festival -Natural Remedies for skin and Hair as per Ayurveda on Holi

Onset of spring brings the festival of colours for all …..Yes it’s ……HOLI !

People celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm and happiness . During spring you can see a lot of colourful flowers around you and in Holi also people plant with colours . Holi is a festival of eating delicacies and drinking thandai . At some places people play Holi with fresh flowers and at someplances they play with colours , Gulal.  Children also enjoy this festival with Pichkari (watergun ) and water balloons .

In this blog we will be discussing  how you can protect your skin and hair and  what are the preparations you can do to manage your health during this festival.

Pre Holi Practices 

Make  sure to apply Coconut oil or Almond oil all over your body , so that later on you can easily remove the colour . In Ayurveda applying oil over the body is called Abhyangam .

Oiling not only protects your body but it also nourishes your skin and takes care of  the dryness .

Colours have a significance in maintaining our health . It is also linked with the 7 chakras to influence body energy . Colours are linked with five basic elements ( Panch mahabhutas )  of this universe. 

Earth is linked with yellow colour , Water is linked with deep blue colour , Space is linked with light blue colour , Air is linked with Green colour , Fire is linked with red colour .

It is always advisable to use Holi colours made up of plant based ingredients like Henna leaves , Hibiscus flowers , Sandalwood , Kesar, Turmeric , Marigold flowers , Rose petals and many more . In Ayurveda there is a concept of ubatan in which a paste of chandan , Haldi and rose water is applied on the body . Similarly there are many other herbs which are used as ubatan . Ubatan helps to remove dead cells and nourishes the skin, it also improves the complexion of skin. 

Colours have an impact not only on our body but also in our mind and its aroma energises us . Red colour activates breathing and heart rate , Yellow colour makes you happy , Blue colour has a calming effect on your senses , so you can enjoy Holi with Natural and plant based colours .

The best part of Holi is refreshing drinks like Thandai and Kaanji , which  one can have . Thandai contains a lot of Antioxidants and it contains milk , almonds , fennel seeds, rose petals and saffron .  Kaanji is a fermented drink which is rich in nutrients and fibre.

Here are some easy recipes that you can enjoy with your friends and family .

Thandai – Holi Special 

  • 10-12 whole almonds
  • 10-12 whole cashew nuts
  • 25-30 whole black peppercorns
  • 10-12 raisins
  • 10-12 whole green cardamoms
  • 1 teaspoon white poppy seeds (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 1 teaspoon melon seeds
  • 1 pinch of saffron strand
  • Milk – 250 ml 
  • Sugar – 1/4th Cup 
  • Rose water – 1 tsp 
  • Chopped nuts and rose petals for garnishing 



  • Add all dry ingredients in a bowl
  • Add 1 cup water to all the ingredients and soak it overnight 
  • Blend all the soaked ingredients in a blender and make a paste 
  • Heat milk in a thick bottom pan and keep stirring it 
  • Add paste , sugar and rose water , keep stirring the milk
  • Cook for 4-5 minutes  
  • Remove from the heat and cool down at room temperature 
  • Put it in the fridge for cooling 
  • Before serving, strain it and remove all the leftover pulp .
  • Serve Thandai in a glasses and garnish with chopped nuts and rose petals

So what are you waiting for , Get ready to enjoy HOLI ….! 


Diet and Exercises for Children During Examination

Examination time is the most crucial period in children’s life. During this time children look up to their parents for help and support. Most of the children experience stress during this time, become. irritable, are not able to sleep well, lose interest in food, worry a lot, appear depressed or negative and have frequent headache and stomach aches.

Itis very important for a child to get mental support from the family. Right kind of nutrition generates energy in the body and also keeps the mind relaxed.

 In this blog we will be talking about the food and exercises that one can have to combat the stress during exams.

 Diet During Examinations

 Give your child a balanced diet during examination as it helps in improving performance and concentration during examinations.


· Prepare balanced meals, with some complex carbohydrates (whole wheat, oats, Ragi) and some protein (dal, paneer, eggs).  It will help in reducing hunger and cravings.

· Make your child eat smaller meals at regular intervals which will keep his /her energy levels up and reduce the temptations.

· Introduce healthy snacks in between meals like dry fruits (soaked almonds and walnuts ),sprouts salad, mix fruit salad etc. rather than fried and unhealthy snacks like pakoras, patties, and other fried foods which will usually leave the child craving for more in a very short time.

· Offer your child plenty of water and other liquids like coconut water, lemon water, buttermilk, milk etc. to stay hydrated.

· Try to keep sugar and caffeine intake of children to a minimum .

Exercise During Examinations

 Make sure your child remains active during exam time.

· Exercise can help boost energy levels, clear the mind and relieve stress.

· Encourage your child to get involved in several indoor and outdoor games like walking, dancing, swimming, football, Laughter Yoga etc. which will help him feel relieved from stress.

· Exercise example  (Super BrainLaughter Yoga )increases concentration and helps your child stay focused.

· Exercise Example  (Laughter Yoga and Sound therapy )helpsto improve sleep patterns also.

***** Like to learn laughter Yoga which helps you to release stress, anxiety and depression during exam details areas below
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Tips to Overcome Stress

· Talk to your child about their work.

· Allow your child to have 8 hours of regular sleep.

· During the day allow your child to listen to soft music to overcome the stress.

· Help your child to get enough sleep as good sleep will help improve thinking and concentration.

· Help them to study and revise.

· Tell your children that feeling nervous and anxious is normal, but the key is to put those nerves to positive use.

· Avoid criticism and listen to your child, give them all the support and help they need.

All The Best  Kids 😉

Herbs and Natural foods – For Summer rashes

One of the simplest ways to enjoy the summer is to feel the warm rays of the sun in the same way we feel in winter. It is very important nowadays to adopt sun-safety methods and protect the skin from the damaging UV rays which come when we are more exposed to the sun during the warm months.

A skin rash is characterized by red and itchy skin, with small bumps or changes in color, appearance or texture. This may occur in any part of the body and can be distributed on large portions of skin. This is caused by allergies, insect bites, mites, acne, excessive sweating, or contact with poisonous plants. Also certain soaps, shampoos and cosmetics which do not suit the skin lead to rash.

There are many herbal products and natural foods that work effectively and are natural cures for skin rashes such as :

1. Calendula flower- It includes volatile oil, carotenoids, flavonoids, aromatic plant acids etc. The hydrolate or watery distillate of calendula can be sprayed directly on the skin and will help treat skin irritations and rashes.

2. Chamomile- It is an antioxidant and includes flavonoids and volatile oils. Chamomile is calming and soothing. It is used to calm red, dry, and irritated skin. 

3. Coconut and tea tree oil- It is antifungal and can be combined with coconut oil and applied after a shower. It provides immediate relief from itching and rash if applied continuously for some time.

4. Fruits peels– Watermelon purée can be applied to the skin as it cools and moisturizes the skin and helps to treat skin rash.

5.Aloe vera gel- It has a natural cooling effect and is a good remedy for sunburn rashes. By rubbing Aloe vera gel directly on a skin rash it will calm and soothe the rash.

6.Vitamin E- Vitamin E capsule can be broken and applied directly on the skin. It will nourish and soothe the skin rash.

Natural foods for treating skin rashes

1.Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables– These provide carotenoids like beta-carotene, which helps to improve resistance to rashes triggered by the sun.

2.Lean protein- Sufficient amount of proteins in the diet helps the immune system guard against infections that cause rashes.

3.Vitamin C-Rich Foods- An increased intake of vitamin C-rich foods (Oranges, spinach, green and red peppers) help promote the healing of your skin rash.

4.Honey– Eating a spoon of raw honey helps prevent inflammation from skin rash.

6. Olive oil– It helps to fight inflammation and free radicals and helps prevent skin rash.

Natural products from plant sources are gaining popularity these days because they have no side-effects, are better tolerated,inexpensive and also acceptable because they have been used for a long time. So instead of going for medicines a person should focus on using natural remedies for treating skin rashes.

Unique Food Classification as per Taste 

As per Ayurveda all six tastes have to be taken together in your meal. In Ayurveda there are six tastes :  sweet , sour ,salty , bitter , pungent and astringent .

These tastes have an effect on both body and mind . In this blog we will be discussing six tastes and their effect on body and mind.

Sweet Taste 

Food Incorporated – Grains , Rice , Pasta , Starchy vegetables, Bread ,Sugar and honey 

Effect on Body and Mind –  Soothing effect on body , helps in building body and provides strength , Balances Vata and Pitta dosha . Excessive intake if Sweet taste aggravates Kapha dosha .  Helps to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion.

Sour Taste 

Food incorporated – Citrus fruits like lemon , oranges , berries , tomatoes and  alcohol .

Effect on Body and Mind –  It enhances the taste and makes it more palatable .It helps in balancing Vata , Excessive intake of Sour tastes aggravates Kapha and Pitta dosha .

Salty Taste

Food Incorporated –  Table Salt , Soy sauce 

Effect on Body and Mind –  It balances Vata , excessive intake of salt increases Kapha and Pitta dosha . It also promotes sweating and clears the sinus passages . 

Pungent Taste

Food incorporated – Black pepper, Chilli , garlic , onion , cloves and ginger .

Effect on Body and Mind –  Balances Kapha dosha , Excessive intake irritates Vata and Pitta dosha . It detoxifies the system.

Bitter Taste 

Food incorporated – Leafy greens , Kale , broccoli , bitter gourd , Neem.

Effect on Body and Mind –  It balances Kapha and Pitta . Excessive intake of bitter taste increases vata and causes indigestion .

Astringent Taste 

Food incorporated –  Lentils , dried beans , cauliflower , pomegranate ,apple and tea.

Effect on Body and Mind – It balances Kapha and Pitta . Excessive intake of this taste increases Vata dosha .

Tired of medical prescriptions, Try Laughter Prescription to improve your Health.

Tired of medical prescriptions, Try Laughter Prescription to improve your Health ………When you are happy you can make others happy too which means your family and your Neighbour. Laughter is the only key which helps you to remove negative thoughts from your mind. It increases blood circulation and removes free radicals.

In many researches it has been observed that laughter has quantifiable positive physiological benefits on health . This is a therapy which is absolutely FREE OF COST , AFFORDABLE and CAN BE DONE BY ALL AGE GROUP PEOPLE .

Laughter is a response to one’s environment and situation . Laughter is a free medicine without any side effects .In the area of preventive measures one can use this therapy to reduce the stress which causes many diseases . Laughter yoga involves mild stretching , clapping , movement of the body combined with breathing exercises .It is an excellent way to keep your body and mind fit and healthy . Once you do it in a group with your friends or family it becomes very contagious .Laughter yoga ( Hasya Yoga)  releases endorphins which is also called the happy hormone. It helps in decreasing the levels of cortisol and increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which helps in improving mood . 
In our ancient text 6 types of Laughter are mentioned : 
1. Smita- Smile 2. Hasita – Laugh 3. Vihasita – Loud Laugh4. Upahasita – Continuous Laugh5. Apahasita – Laugh at unsuitable place and time 6. Atihasita – Excess Laugh 

Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga 

  • Improve anxiety ,depression and stress 
  • Boost your Immune system 
  • Improve Sleep quality 
  • Provide more oxygen to body 
  • Decreases body pain by relaxing muscles 
  • Improve Longevity 
  • Removes negative thinking 
  • Boost energy and strength

In one of the theories called – MCET- Motion creates emotion Theory , the body does not actually know the difference between intentionally laughing and laughing instinctively. People can simply self induce the physical act of laughing in order to get the positive effect . When a Laughter yoga therapist prescribed you a laughter prescription then you can follow the same even if you are unwilling to seek out comedy or humour .

There are many Laughter yoga teachers who provide online classes and many courses available from where you can get the benefit of this therapy. 

To know more – Learn Laughter Yoga

Learn Laughter Yoga

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Art of Meditation

What you get in Laughter prescription :

1. Frequency –  How many times are you supposed to do any particular laughter yoga exercise ? For eg. once a week , twice a week , daily etc. 

2. Intensity –  Those who are doing laughter yoga for the first time have to make sure to follow it with low intensity and gradually you can increase the intensity .

3. Time –  For how much time one has to do each laughter exercise ? For eg 5 min, 10 min etc.

You can always improve the benefits of Laughter yoga by adding Meditation , Sound therapy and Yoga . Nowadays you will find people who are teaching these techniques in various ways .

Hope after reading this article you can include this therapy in your lifestyle to improve your physical and mental health .

Keep Laughing 🙂

Happiness Test

Created on By scienceofayurveda79@gmail.com

Know Your Happiness -Happiness Test

Give yourself a self-rating anywhere on a scale of 0-3,3-5,5-8 and 8-10 8-10 with 10 being the highest.
Be Truthful and honest.

Analysis: You  Can  do calculation Manually also

80 -100 %: Happiness Soul: You are happiness divine soul who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual healthy. Keep spreading Happiness.


50 -80 %: Happy Soul: You are happy soul who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual healthy. But some time you missing one aspect of Happiness Example : sometimes you are emotionally oy spiritual week. So, need to work on this.

0-50% : You are feeling sad or depress. Need to connect some Alternative therapist.iness

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1 / 8

Your Spiritual Wellness: Do you feel a connection to something larger than yourself? Are
you at peace?

2 / 8

Your Community Wellness: Do you contribute to charities? Do you participate in volunteer
work? Do you belong to any Non Profit organizations that aim to improve the lives of others?

3 / 8

Your Social Wellness: Do you have a good relationship with your significant other? Do you
get along with your family? Do you have friends you can count on?

4 / 8

Your Job Satisfaction: Do you enjoy your work? Do you find your work to be meaningful?
Are you happy with your supervisor and your co-workers?

5 / 8

Your Mental Wellness: Are you depressed? Do you feel angry or fearful? Do you feel joy?
Do you feel inner happiness?

6 / 8

Your Physical Wellness: Are you healthy? Are you overweight? Do you have high or low
levels of energy?

7 / 8

Your Living Conditions: Are you happy with the city you’re living in? Are you happy in your
neighborhood? How do you feel about your current home?

8 / 8

1) Your Economic Well-Being: Your net-worth would come into play as one of the factors to be
considered in order to calculate your net happiness.

Your score is

The average score is 7%


Suffering from Insomnia ( Sleep disorder) –  Try YOGA NIDRA  ! 

Suffering from Insomnia ( Sleep disorder) –  Try YOGA NIDRA  ! 

Yoga Nidra is a kind of yogic sleep , it is a state of deep sleep. During Yoga nidra you are physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed . As you know that there is a relation between your body and mind. Our brain has many centres which perform various physical work , for eg, cerebrum controls the emotions , helps you to think and remember, Cerebellum helps in the movement of your body and maintain balance , Medulla is responsible for controlling involuntary movements like breathing and heartbeat. It has been observed in various studies that stimulation of brain centres strengthens the sensory and motor nerve response . 

In Yoga Nidra brain centres are activated in a specific sequence . Whatever affects the body must influence the mind and vice-versa. 

In Yoga Nidra one has to place awareness on various body parts in a specific sequence , along with focussing on breathing and relaxation. By doing Yoga Nidra one can recondition the mind and make it more powerful.Sometimes doing simple things makes a lot of difference in your life . 

Two aspects of Yoga Nidra 

1. When you move awareness on different parts of the body ,it not only relaxes the body and mind but also clears the nerve pathway in the brain.

2. It also alternates the opposite awareness of sensation like cold and heat .

How to do Yoga Nidra 

Visualization stimulates the reaction in the unconscious mind . Practice of Yoga Nidra for 10-15 min is very much beneficial for the people suffering from insomnia and anxiety .

First lie down comfortably on your back with eyes closed .Keep your feet apart and palms up.In the next step start bringing your focus on each area of your body starting from feet and legs .

For details – Watch this videos

Yoga Nidra Video 

Learn Art of sleeping

This practice not only helps you to bring self-awareness but it also improves your concentration. In various studies we have seen that people can manage their physical ailment by relaxing their mind . People who are suffering from Insomnia also suffer from various health issues like constipation, anxiety , digestion issues , raise in blood sugar levels and many others. Yoga Nidra is helpful for the individual suffering from insomnia .

Simple hacks to follow at bed time 

  • Stop watching any gadget 1 hr. prior to your bedtime 
  • Make sure room is dark while you are sleeping
  • Make sure your bed sheet and pillow covers are neat and clean 
  • Declutter your bedroom so that there is flow of energy 
  • Avoid using chemical spray in your bedroom , you can use natural aromatic oil for fragrance.
  • Take a light foot massage at bed time 
  • Take light and early dinner 


Certain herbs are very much beneficial for Insomnia such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Shankhpushpi .

Best Way to Rejuvenate the Skin –  ABHYANGA

Best Way to Rejuvenate the Skin –  ABHYANGA

After birth infants and toddlers get an oil massage from their mother or grandmother . Oil massage leads to proper growth and development of the baby . Oil massage also helps babies to have soft and supple skin. But with time or as the child grows up , we don’t offer body massage to the child nor we teach them the importance of massage , due to which skin lacks shine and suppleness. 

Massage not only keeps your skin shiny and healthy , but it also improves blood circulation, improves sleep quality and increases longevity . In Ayurveda Oil massage is termed as ABHYANGA . It is also used as a therapeutic measure in various diseases. Different types of medicated oils are used in Ayurveda to treat various disorders . 

10-15 Min. Body massage is required so that oil can reach the deepest tissue in the skin .

Benefits of Oil Massage :

  • It helps to rejuvenate body and mind 
  • It Delays the ageing process 
  • It improves stamina and energy 
  • It Increases muscle strength and muscle tone 
  • It calms the nerves and balances mind 
  • Applying oil in scalp makes hair grow and prevent hair fall 
  • Apply oil on face helps to remove wrinkles 
  • Applying oil to the feet remove roughness and fatigue 

Nowadays you can incorporate self massage with Sesame oil or Olive oil for 8-10 min 3-4 times a week . For hair you can use Coconut oil . Try to do a full body massage on an empty stomach in the morning . Use slightly warm oil for body massage . Do massage in circular motion over joints and long sweeps on arms and legs . To keep your mind calm you can also use aroma oils like sandalwood, and Lavender oil. Keep oil on your skin for at least 20 min  after that you can take a shower with warm water (not hot) . 


1. Do not take a massage if you are suffering from cough , cold and fever .

2. Do not take massages when it’s raining outside 

3. Avoid massage just after meal 

4. Avoid in case you have any kind of skin infection 

5. Avoid massage Immediately after any surgery 

” Prevention is better than Cure” , follow this simple strategy . Start Abhyang from today itself so that you don’t  get age related disorders early in your life . 

Theory of Tridosha as per Ayurveda

Theory of Tridosha 

As per Ayurveda the entire cosmos is made up of five basic elements ( Pancha Mahabhutas) – Ether , Air, Fire , Water , Earth .  Tridosha ( Three Bio energies) are also made up of these five basic elements .Tridosha are Vata, Pitta and Kapha . Dosha is a specific word used in ancient texts,  Balance of Tridosha means health and imbalance means illness . Once these doshas get imbalanced they vitiate the Dhatus (tissues) such as plasma, blood, muscles, Adipose fat , bone, bone marrow and reproductive fluids , which results in diseased condition. In Ayurveda physiology Vata, Pitta and Kapha play an important role and perform various functions in the body . 

Every dosha is composed of all five elements.

Vata – Air + Ether 

Pitta – Fire + Water 

Kapha – Water + Earth 


Vata (Air) is the energy of movement . It is responsible for all sorts of movement in the body such as movement of limbs , blinking of eyes , peristalsis movements etc.  Vata is responsible for all voluntary and involuntary  movements of the body . It is responsible for functions such as breathing and pumping of the heart . It provides flexibility and creativity . When Vata gets imbalanced it leads to  anxiety , fear, joint pain , insomnia and excessive movement in the body .


Pitta(Fire)  is the energy of transformation which includes digestion and metabolism . It includes digestive fire ( jathar-agni) and  fire associated with different tissues, Dhatwagni . It is responsible for understanding and intelligence . Imbalance of Pitta leads to anger, inflammatory disorders , greying of hairs and indigestion .


Kapha ( Water) is the energy of lubrication and structure . It provides strength to the body and helps in building immunity and stamina . It is the cohesive energy of the body . All the fluid present in our body represents kapha. It is responsible for the lubrication of joints , moistens the skin and scalp . It also helps in improving immunity .It represents calmness and love . When Kapha gets imbalances it leads to obesity , Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) and sluggish metabolism .

Remedies To Relieve Constipation 

Constipation , a problem due to which children , adults and old age people suffer . Chronic constipation leads to physical and psychological disorders. Moreover if you are not clearing bowel everyday it leads to accumulations of toxins in your body. In this article the first thing that we are going to discuss is why it happens ? Once you know the cause then it really becomes easy to manage this problem .

Here are some reasons which causes constipation:

1. Less water intake during the day 

2. Not having fibre in diet 

3. Overconsumption of food made up of refined flour , like junk food .

4. Excessive fasting 

5. Late night dinner 

6. Not taking 7-8 hrs sleep

7. Lack of physical activity 

If you feel that you are not following any of the above points then start incorporating the same in your daily routine .

In ayurveda, constipation is named as “Vibhandh” , it occurs due to excessive aggravation of Vata dosha (air) , it leads to dryness in the colon which disturbs the functioning of the gut .

Ayurveda suggest the following ways to manage Constipation :

  • Vata Dosha Pacifying Diet- Staying away from cold foods and drinks, dried fruit, salads and most beans and having warm foods, warm drinks and well-cooked vegetables and drink enough amount of water (2.5 -3 litres )
  • Psyllium husk – It serves as a bulking agent in the colon.
  • Triphala – Triphala has glycoside that has laxative properties, taking 1 tsp ( 5gms) triphala 1 hour before dinner with lukewarm water.
  • Cow’s Milk and Ghee- Taking one teaspoon of ghee in a cup of hot milk at bedtime helps to relieve constipation .
  • Flaxseeds – take about 1sp ( 5 gms) of seeds once a day with lukewarm water .
  • Castor Oil – In case your stool becomes very hard then try this remedy . Take 1 tablespoons (10 ml) of castor oil preferably at bedtime with warm milk

Yoga Asanas for Constipation 
Everyday in the morning drink 1 glass of lukewarm water and do these 5 Asanas , it immediately helps you to pass the motions . 
1.  Tadasana

2. Tiryaka tadasana

3. Katichakrasana

4. Tiryaka bhujangasana

5. Udarakarshan