5 White food – You must avoid for PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian disease) 

Today we are going to talk about 5 things one must avoid if suffering from PCOD , a condition in which female hormones get imbalanced. In most of the hormonal imbalance cases no one is aware of the cause but it has been seen in various scientific studies that  there are certain foods which can cause imbalance in hormones . So let’s start discussing what those food groups are ?

1. Salt – Yes you have heard it right , white salt (Sodium Chloride, NaCl) is consumed in excessive quantity , can lead to swelling in the body . The most common sign that we can see in hormonal imbalance cases is Water retention (odema) . Which one can feel with puffiness on face , swelling in fingers and legs . Do not consume more than 5oo mg of salt in a day , moreover avoid table salt completely . You can cut down the intake of table salt specially on salad and fruits .

To enhance the taste and flavour you can use black pepper powder, Roasted jeera powder and Amla powder . Cut down on salt also helps to manage water retention which is quite common in PCOS patients .

2. Refined Flour – Most of the food items such as breads , biscuits , noodles , burger , Pasta , pizzas and cakes and many other bakery products are made up of Refined flour . Refined flour increases the sugar level immediately after you consume it . Moreover it is devoid of fibre which plays a very important role to get rid of toxins from the body . Excessive consumption of Refined flour preparation disrupts the gut flora due to which a person is not able to absorb the nutrients from food . Instead of using refined flour you can use whole grains like oats , jowar , Barjra , quinoa , Ragi and Barley . 

3. White Sugar – Most of us think that white sugar only causes weight gain but the reality is this is one of the side effects of sugar . Excessive intake of sugar can actually leach out the calcium from the bones , damage your gut flora , cause an immediate spike in insulin levels and moreover sugar is addictive so the more you consume it the more you want . So it is important to cut down on sugar specially for the patient suffering from PCOS . Another alternative of Sugar is Organic jaggery powder that you can consume but in moderation only . You can also sweeten your food by adding natural sweeteners like stevia . You can include dates , dark chocolate and raisins to curd your sugar carving but again in moderation .

4. Milk  – Although milk is considered to be a complete health food but the reality is , nowadays milk available in the market is loaded with hormones , due to which if a person suffering from PCOS consumes this adulterated milk can worsen the problem . As per  Ayurveda,  milk is considered as Kapha aggravating food  and can lead to weight gain which is very common in PCOS  patients . One can replace regular milk with Almond milk , Soy milk or Oat milk etc. Calcium includes Ragi , Spinach , Sesame seeds and Makhana in the diet .

5. White Rice –  Although white rice is easily digestible and can be taken up by a healthy individual, but in PCOS intake of white rice in excessive quantities can cause weight gain . A healthy replacement of white rice is Brown rice which contains lots of minerals and vitamins . But make sure that you must take rice with lots of vegetables . Another replacement of white  is Cauliflower Rice .