Tired of medical prescriptions, Try Laughter Prescription to improve your Health.

Tired of medical prescriptions, Try Laughter Prescription to improve your Health ………When you are happy you can make others happy too which means your family and your Neighbour. Laughter is the only key which helps you to remove negative thoughts from your mind. It increases blood circulation and removes free radicals.

In many researches it has been observed that laughter has quantifiable positive physiological benefits on health . This is a therapy which is absolutely FREE OF COST , AFFORDABLE and CAN BE DONE BY ALL AGE GROUP PEOPLE .

Laughter is a response to one’s environment and situation . Laughter is a free medicine without any side effects .In the area of preventive measures one can use this therapy to reduce the stress which causes many diseases . Laughter yoga involves mild stretching , clapping , movement of the body combined with breathing exercises .It is an excellent way to keep your body and mind fit and healthy . Once you do it in a group with your friends or family it becomes very contagious .Laughter yoga ( Hasya Yoga)  releases endorphins which is also called the happy hormone. It helps in decreasing the levels of cortisol and increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which helps in improving mood . 
In our ancient text 6 types of Laughter are mentioned : 
1. Smita- Smile 2. Hasita – Laugh 3. Vihasita – Loud Laugh4. Upahasita – Continuous Laugh5. Apahasita – Laugh at unsuitable place and time 6. Atihasita – Excess Laugh 

Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga 

  • Improve anxiety ,depression and stress 
  • Boost your Immune system 
  • Improve Sleep quality 
  • Provide more oxygen to body 
  • Decreases body pain by relaxing muscles 
  • Improve Longevity 
  • Removes negative thinking 
  • Boost energy and strength

In one of the theories called – MCET- Motion creates emotion Theory , the body does not actually know the difference between intentionally laughing and laughing instinctively. People can simply self induce the physical act of laughing in order to get the positive effect . When a Laughter yoga therapist prescribed you a laughter prescription then you can follow the same even if you are unwilling to seek out comedy or humour .

There are many Laughter yoga teachers who provide online classes and many courses available from where you can get the benefit of this therapy. 

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What you get in Laughter prescription :

1. Frequency –  How many times are you supposed to do any particular laughter yoga exercise ? For eg. once a week , twice a week , daily etc. 

2. Intensity –  Those who are doing laughter yoga for the first time have to make sure to follow it with low intensity and gradually you can increase the intensity .

3. Time –  For how much time one has to do each laughter exercise ? For eg 5 min, 10 min etc.

You can always improve the benefits of Laughter yoga by adding Meditation , Sound therapy and Yoga . Nowadays you will find people who are teaching these techniques in various ways .

Hope after reading this article you can include this therapy in your lifestyle to improve your physical and mental health .

Keep Laughing 🙂