Best Way to Rejuvenate the Skin –  ABHYANGA

Best Way to Rejuvenate the Skin –  ABHYANGA After birth infants and toddlers get an oil massage from their mother or grandmother . Oil massage leads to proper growth and development of the baby . Oil massage also helps babies to have soft and supple skin. But with time or as the child grows up , we … Read more

Theory of Tridosha as per Ayurveda

Theory of Tridosha  As per Ayurveda the entire cosmos is made up of five basic elements ( Pancha Mahabhutas) – Ether , Air, Fire , Water , Earth .  Tridosha ( Three Bio energies) are also made up of these five basic elements .Tridosha are Vata, Pitta and Kapha . Dosha is a specific word used … Read more

Remedies To Relieve Constipation 

Constipation , a problem due to which children , adults and old age people suffer . Chronic constipation leads to physical and psychological disorders. Moreover if you are not clearing bowel everyday it leads to accumulations of toxins in your body. In this article the first thing that we are going to discuss is why it happens … Read more

How To Delay Ageing  

Aging is a series of processes which includes progressive physiological changes in an organism due to direct damage, accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular waste, imperfect repairs as well as the responses to them or a decline of biological functions and of the organism’s ability to adapt to metabolic stress. This leads … Read more

Concept of Fasting in Ayurveda

Concept of Fasting In Ayurveda In Ayurveda fasting is defined as “Upavasa ” . It is not necessary to do fasting without consuming any food throughout the day .We should not deprive ourselves from food as it leads to hunger pangs and craving . Ayurveda fasting is all about removing toxins , improving digestive fire … Read more

Natural Remedies to Ease Menstrual Cramps

As women, we all know about it and deal with it. Yes you guessed it right, we are talking about menstrual cramps. We all have experienced that constant unbearable pain that comes with it. Hormone- prostaglandin, is associated with pain and inflammation during the menstrual cycle, as higher levels of prostaglandins triggers the uterine muscle … Read more

Natural Ways To Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Quick Tips for you 25.2 million adults are estimated to have IGT (Impaired glucose tolerance) , which is estimated to increase to 35.7 million in the year 2045. India ranks second after China in the global diabetes epidemic with 77 million people with diabetes.Diabetes in Ayurveda is called “Madhumeha “. In Ayurveda, diabetes mellitus is described under the Prameha … Read more

How To Boost Your Immunity 

Quick Tips Your immune system is the defense mechanism against various bacterial and viral infections. Due to a weak immune system people get sick and feel unhealthy.  Managing your immunity is not rocket science, you just have to stick to the basics of ancient wisdom and follow simple rules of diet and lifestyle. In today’s … Read more

Ayurveda and Hypothyroidism

  Most of the time people are not aware that they are suffering from Hypothyroidism. Do you know why it happens?  Because the signs and symptoms of Hypothyroid are like obesity. People start putting on weight, energy levels drop, Constipation, Drowsiness, tendency to feel depressed and water retention. At this point of time people start … Read more

5 Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat 

Sometimes it happens that your extremities (limbs) are slim but there is fat accumulation around the abdomen, which we call belly fat. Healthy diet helps you to lose weight but to reduce belly fat you need to focus on that particular area. So here is the solution to this problem! Do these 5 Yoga Asanas … Read more