Best Way to Rejuvenate the Skin –  ABHYANGA

Best Way to Rejuvenate the Skin –  ABHYANGA

After birth infants and toddlers get an oil massage from their mother or grandmother . Oil massage leads to proper growth and development of the baby . Oil massage also helps babies to have soft and supple skin. But with time or as the child grows up , we don’t offer body massage to the child nor we teach them the importance of massage , due to which skin lacks shine and suppleness. 

Massage not only keeps your skin shiny and healthy , but it also improves blood circulation, improves sleep quality and increases longevity . In Ayurveda Oil massage is termed as ABHYANGA . It is also used as a therapeutic measure in various diseases. Different types of medicated oils are used in Ayurveda to treat various disorders . 

10-15 Min. Body massage is required so that oil can reach the deepest tissue in the skin .

Benefits of Oil Massage :

  • It helps to rejuvenate body and mind 
  • It Delays the ageing process 
  • It improves stamina and energy 
  • It Increases muscle strength and muscle tone 
  • It calms the nerves and balances mind 
  • Applying oil in scalp makes hair grow and prevent hair fall 
  • Apply oil on face helps to remove wrinkles 
  • Applying oil to the feet remove roughness and fatigue 

Nowadays you can incorporate self massage with Sesame oil or Olive oil for 8-10 min 3-4 times a week . For hair you can use Coconut oil . Try to do a full body massage on an empty stomach in the morning . Use slightly warm oil for body massage . Do massage in circular motion over joints and long sweeps on arms and legs . To keep your mind calm you can also use aroma oils like sandalwood, and Lavender oil. Keep oil on your skin for at least 20 min  after that you can take a shower with warm water (not hot) . 


1. Do not take a massage if you are suffering from cough , cold and fever .

2. Do not take massages when it’s raining outside 

3. Avoid massage just after meal 

4. Avoid in case you have any kind of skin infection 

5. Avoid massage Immediately after any surgery 

” Prevention is better than Cure” , follow this simple strategy . Start Abhyang from today itself so that you don’t  get age related disorders early in your life . 

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