Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainer Online

Become a Basic Certified Laughter Yoga  Trainer  online

Individual and Group

Duration :8 Hours

Location : online

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Date : Every 3 rd. Sat &Sun 

Mission: Depression Free World by Dr.Harish Rawat

Instructed by

Dr.Harish Rawat

International Laughter Yoga Guru

Guinness World Record Holder

Founder : Lot of Laughter Yoga Foundation

Our Event 

Who is this Crash Course for?

   Corporate Employees &-Business and HR Professional


Homemakers and Senior Citizens

-Fitness trainer

-Alternative therapists

-Social workers/Healthcare workers


-Yoga practitioners and teachers

Insomnia Patients

Someone who are looking for Happiness &Inner Peace

  Someone who are suffering from stress, Anxiety and depression.

  Someone who are looking for good health. 

How does the Crash Course Work?

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On completion of this course you will receive

On completion of this course you will receive the following benefits : 1.E-book (PDF): Laughter Therapy for depression 2.Free online Udemy Course ( Basic Laughter Yoga Course with E-Certificate) 3.Hardcopy /E-certificate Participant Certificate 4.Free online Udemy Course ( Art of Meditation with E-Certificate) 5.Life Time Handholding to grow you as laughter practitioner

What will you learn?


  • What Is laughter Yoga?
  • Scientific Mechanisms of Laughter Yoga?
  • Benefits of Laughter Yoga
  • Story of Laughter Yoga
  • Connection between Laughter + Breathing
  • Powerful Breathing Exercise
  • 20 Laughter Yoga Exercise
  • Activity and Assignment

Stress Free life, How to be happy, Breathing Exercises, Laughter Yoga exercises, Laughter yoga Dance and Laughter yoga Meditation.

Technique how to be happy, how to be change your mood with in minute.

  • where applicants receive a basic knowledge about LY and how it works as well as learn about the huge benefits it provides for the body ,mind and spiritual level.
  • The practice involves guided laughter exercises and activities that aim to bring joy, playfulness, and relaxation to the applicant. It is based on the belief that even fake laughter can lead to real physical and emotional benefits, such as reducing stress and improving mood
  • This training is designed to learn the basic teaching skills so that you can lead a group of people through a LY session and meditation.
  • You will also learn practical ideas on how to bring more laughter and joy into your life and others Life

Day 2

  • Assignment Discussion
  • Discussion on 5 Scientific Research Paper LY (Optional)
  • How to conduct small Laughter Yoga in school, Collage, ,Society and Corporate Session
  • 20 Laughter Yoga Exercise
  • Laughter Meditation (Basic level ) Deep Laughter yoga meditation in Advance TTC (***For detail Please connect)
  • How to use Props during session
  • Laughter Prayer
  • Assessment
  • Laughter Dance and Fun activity
  • Query Resolution Session (Q and A Session )
  • Discussion about Advance course
  • Distribution of certificate and photo and Video session ( Online)

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Two Certificate:

  1.  Certified Laughing Trainer hard Copy certificate
  2. one from Udemy Academy after completing course.
Meet your Mentor

Dr.Harish Rawat

International Laughter Yoga Guru

Guinness Book of World Record Holder

Limca Book of world Record Holder

Dr. Harish Rawat is an international Laughter Yoga Guru and Founder of Lot of Laughter Yoga Foundation in India; who engaged in conducting Laughter wellness sessions in different sections of society including school, colleges, corporate, slums, defence, societies and even prison .More than 65 k people took beneficially from his sessions

Mission: Depression Free World and World peace by Laughter Yoga. For spreading this message, he has successfully registered his name in “Guinness Book of World Record” for Longest Laughter yoga marathon 36 hours 2 minute in 2018

Dr. Harish Rawat is Phd in alternative medicine, Masters in Pharmaceutical Bio tech, Bachelor in Pharmacy .

Research Paper:  Dr. Harish Rawat had also published a research paper on Yoga “HOW SUDHARSHAN KRIYA HELPS TO REDUCE THE HABIT OF SMOKING AND MOTIVATE TO QUIT SMOKING”- International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

Author Of Book

1) Laughter Therapy for Depression by Dr. Harish Rawat

2) The Magic of Laughter in positive affirmation by Dr. Harish Rawat

Dr. Harish Rawat’s Laughter yoga sessions are covered by various media platforms such as  DD Sports National TV ,Anjan TV (National TV),TEN News, MS TV, Gee News , Nav Bharat Times , TOI ,HT , News18 Hindi, Khabardaar TV ,Viral India ,Kalki News and Delhi Darpan news channel..

International Presence :Dr Rawat Laughter Yoga courses are running in 11 countries like the USA, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Australia.


Double Dhamaka course details

Be a Certified Laughter Yoga Angel

onlyRs 4999 

  • Be a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and start earning.
  • Enjoy the discounted price of ₹1099 only for two courses and save a total of ₹4800.
  • The launch offer expires, 28 FEB 2023.

Price of the Crash Course


By the end of 2 Days Course, you will be able to

Understand the basics of Laughter Yoga 

Understand how to conduct Laughter Yoga sessions in school, Society and Corporate 

Understand how to add laughter in your own life and be happy and healthy.


E-Book  Laughter Therapy For Depression

Good Deep Sleep

Good Physical and Mental Health

Spirtual Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

This is online  Video pre recording Course , you can start  as per your comfort zone or timing. Life Time access given to complete your course.

Yes its refund  with in  3 days   Course Fees can be refunded with in 3 days ,providing that your refund request meets the eligibility Criteria

Yes you will get two  E-certificate one from Udemy and second from our organisation

For any support, please mail to  Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.