Healing with sound therapy and benefits of sound therapy

The science of Ayurveda teaches us how to live in harmony by using five basic elements of the Universe like Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space . Today in this blog we will explore the element space and air , because sound can travel only via air . If there is no air there is no sound . In Ayurveda there is a correlation between five basic elements and senses for eg.  Earth- Smell (Gandh) ,Water- Taste (Ras) , Fire – Vision (Roopa), Air- touch (sparsh)  , Space – Sound (Shabd).

When you are taking a walk in nature you can easily hear the sound of birds chirping, the sound of leaves moving with wind , sound of waterfall or flowing water in the river , all these natural sounds provide temporary solace. Apart from external sounds we can hear the internal sounds as well .

In our ancient texts sound is used as a healing tool , specially in Rigveda Mantras .Sound therapy includes music , chanting and Tibetan singing bowl.

How does sound heal ?

As you know everything around us like plants, rocks , stars , tables  etc. vibrates at a particular frequency even the human body vibrates at a particular frequency. Whenever our body’s natural vibration gets imbalanced or disturbed it leads to some sort of illness in our body and mind . Sound therapy realigns the frequency of the body at its normal pattern.

Let’s talk about different healing sounds 

1. Music 

We always use music to alter our mood . Depending on the kind of music you are listening to, it can alter your mood . In many health centres music therapy is used to heal many patients . 

  • Vata Prakriti –  Vata balanced with slow , light and soft music with low tones , like folk music due to its rhythmic nature .
  • Pitta Prakriti – Pitta balanced with soothing and medium tone music, like flute, violin etc.
  • Kapha Prakriti –  Kapha balanced with energizing and higher tones , like tabla, piano and water drum .

2. Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are handmade bowls made up of various kinds of metals . Mostly it’s a combination of metals like bronze, copper, nickle,  tin etc. When someone strikes these bowls with a wooden mallet various sounds are produced . Nowadays there are many singing bowl therapists who provide therapy with singing bowls on the chakra points . Sound waves produced by the bowls spread through blood, flesh, bones and relax them . These sound waves release the energy blockages in the body .https://youtu.be/ipVCovq8Rds

3. Kirtan 

Kitan means practice of chanting and repetitive singing  of the divine . One does not need any singing voice to be a part of the Kirtan. This is one of the paths of Bhakti where devotees sing from the heart. .

In various studies sound therapy showed results in pain , anxiety and tenderness.

4. Mantras 

Mantra originated from the word “Man” which means to think or to meditate . Mantra is basically a tool or instrument to meditate . Each mantra has its own energy and sound and it impacts the physical body, mind and spiritual body as well. Ancient texts like Rig veda are composed of Mantras only . Examples of Mantra – Om . Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra etc. Om is the Universal sound.

Some people also chant mantras using a Mala with beads .After repeated practice mantra becomes a part of your subconscious mind. One can chant mantras loudly or internally as well .

In Mantra chikitsa there are various mantras for various disorders (fever, cough, headache). In Ayurveda it has been suggested to chant Mantra prior to cooking , eating food and even prescribing herbs to the patients .

So this is the right time to add sound healing in your life , you can use above techniques to keep yourself mentally and physically fit .

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