Unique Food Classification as per Taste 

As per Ayurveda all six tastes have to be taken together in your meal. In Ayurveda there are six tastes :  sweet , sour ,salty , bitter , pungent and astringent .

These tastes have an effect on both body and mind . In this blog we will be discussing six tastes and their effect on body and mind.

Sweet Taste 

Food Incorporated – Grains , Rice , Pasta , Starchy vegetables, Bread ,Sugar and honey 

Effect on Body and Mind –  Soothing effect on body , helps in building body and provides strength , Balances Vata and Pitta dosha . Excessive intake if Sweet taste aggravates Kapha dosha .  Helps to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion.

Sour Taste 

Food incorporated – Citrus fruits like lemon , oranges , berries , tomatoes and  alcohol .

Effect on Body and Mind –  It enhances the taste and makes it more palatable .It helps in balancing Vata , Excessive intake of Sour tastes aggravates Kapha and Pitta dosha .

Salty Taste

Food Incorporated –  Table Salt , Soy sauce 

Effect on Body and Mind –  It balances Vata , excessive intake of salt increases Kapha and Pitta dosha . It also promotes sweating and clears the sinus passages . 

Pungent Taste

Food incorporated – Black pepper, Chilli , garlic , onion , cloves and ginger .

Effect on Body and Mind –  Balances Kapha dosha , Excessive intake irritates Vata and Pitta dosha . It detoxifies the system.

Bitter Taste 

Food incorporated – Leafy greens , Kale , broccoli , bitter gourd , Neem.

Effect on Body and Mind –  It balances Kapha and Pitta . Excessive intake of bitter taste increases vata and causes indigestion .

Astringent Taste 

Food incorporated –  Lentils , dried beans , cauliflower , pomegranate ,apple and tea.

Effect on Body and Mind – It balances Kapha and Pitta . Excessive intake of this taste increases Vata dosha .