Natural Remedies to Ease Menstrual Cramps

As women, we all know about it and deal with it. Yes you guessed it right, we are talking about menstrual cramps. We all have experienced that constant unbearable pain that comes with it. Hormone- prostaglandin, is associated with pain and inflammation during the menstrual cycle, as higher levels of prostaglandins triggers the uterine muscle contraction which in turn leads to severe menstrual cramps. More than half women who menstruate complains about severe cramps, so let us discuss about some simple natural remedies to relieve those cramps:

1. Exercise: Exercise helps in the secretion of endorphins, a hormone that boosts mood and relieves pain naturally. Exercising at least four times a week is good for your overall health, but it is especially important if you tend to have menstrual cramps.

2. Apply Heat: Heat helps to relax contracting uterus and thus it relieves pain and inflammation. There are many ways to apply heat therapy, for example – using heating pads or patches, they could be manual or electric or one can go for thermal therapy.

3. Chamomile Tea: According to a study conducted by the Imperial College of London, the anti-inflammatory property of chamomile tea decreases the production of prostaglandins, thus relieving menstrual cramps.

4. Vitamin D: Making sure that you are having enough vitamin D is very important as it helps in preventing menstrual cramps.

Dietary modifications to ease menstrual cramps: –

1. Protein: Include more high biological value protein in your daily diet like tofu, egg, chicken breast, paneer, etc. A high protein lunch helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and limits sugar cravings, which is very common during menstrual cycle.

2.Calcium: A glass of warm milk can help in relieving pain and inflammation during menses. Calcium and vitamin D go hand in hand in reducing PMS symptoms, as it acts as a muscle relaxant and also helps in easing stomach cramps.

3. Dose of Vitamin : Vitamin B6, C and E helps in reducing symptoms like bloating and mood swings. Rich sources include-  pistachios, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, lemon oranges, sweet lime, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and sunflower seeds.

4.Magnesium and potassium: These two nutrients help in alleviating cramps and other symptoms to a great extent. Rich sources include- pumpkin seeds, beans, tofu (these are good sources of magnesium which helps in relieving bloating), banana avocado and sweet potato (these are good sources of potassium and thus help in boosting the mood and thus regulating mood swings).

Herbs to relieve Menstrual pain

1. Fenugreek Seeds : Soak 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and take this water early in the morning .

2. Ashokarishta : Take 20 ml Ashokarishta with 20 ml water after lunch and dinner

Follow these tips to reduce menstrual pain and stay free and enjoy your daily life.