Conjunctivitis (Eye Flue)-Ayurvedic Treatment

How to Manage Conjunctivitis – Ayurveda Way 

Nowadays due to change in weather conditions infections are very common, one of such infections is conjunctivitis . Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of conjunctiva , a transparent layer which covers the eyelid and the white part of the eye. This condition is also called pink eye . It is very important to follow  proper hygiene during this time and take care of your diet and routine .
In Ayurveda , Eye wash with Triphala water can be a helpful remedy to improve eye health . Tripahala is a formulation made up of Haritaki, Amla and Baheda , all these herbs act as a rasayana ( nourishes tissues of the body) . How to make Tripahal water :1. Soak 1 tsp – 5 gms of Triphala powder in 500 ml of water , in the morning boil this water for 5-10 min.2. Cool this water completely and then sieve this water with muslin cloth so that there is no solid particle in the water .3. For better results use eye wash cups , fill eye wash cups with Triphala water and open and close eyes in this water for 4-5 times 4. Do this activity once a day , either early morning and before sleeping .
Follow basic Hygiene tips :
1. Do not touch eyes with hands and chances of infections increases .2. Hand hygiene plays a very important role here , so keep washing your hands during the day .3. Change your towel and clothes daily .4. Do not share your towel and clothes with anyone else .5. Avoid using any kind of eye makeup 6. Consult your physician if the problem persists .
Nutrition Guidelines :1. Include more vitamins and minerals in your diet , in the form of fruits and vegetables.2. Use fruits like Anar, Kiwi and oranges .3. Include more of green leafy vegetables 4. Include Soaked almonds , walnuts and munakka in your diet .5 . Take vegetable juice made up of Carrot , beetroot, ginger , Amla and black pepper .

Hope above guideline helps you in managing the infection , but in case it’s not managed then make sure to consult a physician .

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