Makar Sankranti – Impact on Health 


Colorful kites and snacks made up of sesame seeds, jaggery and peanuts, yes, it’s 14th January, Makar Sankranti. This festival is celebrated in the middle of winter. During this time bacterial and viral infections are very common. This is the beginning of harvest season in India. During this festival there is food that you can relish with a positive impact on your body. This is the time to protect your body from the cold wind and the changes in the environment. The food that we eat during this festival helps us to keep the body warm and energized. Preparations made from Sesame seeds, Dry Coconut, Groundnut and Jaggery are prepared during this festival which keeps our body warm.

Benefits of Makar Sankranti Food:

1. Sesame Seeds- Rich source of vitamin E and minerals like copper, Zinc and iron. Sesame seeds are also good for your bone health. Rich in antioxidants and improves immunity.

2. Groundnut – Rich in Omega 6, which supports cell function and provides lustre to the skin. It is also good for hair health.

3. Dry Coconut – It is good for your gut health; it is rich in fiber and helps to prevent skin infections during winter season.

4. Jaggery – Jaggery helps in lung detoxification, and it is also rich in iron and calcium. It helps in fighting infection and helps in curing cough and cold.

Yummy Til ka Ladoo

Ingredients : 

  • Roasted Sesame Seeds (1/2 cup)
  • Roasted and crushed Peanuts (1/4th cup) 
  • Roasted Desiccated Coconut ( 1/4th cup) 
  • Jaggery Syrup ( 1/2 cup + 4-5 tsp water) ( Use Organic Jaggery Powder) 
  • Green Cardamom Powder (1/4th tsp) 


Steps :

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add jaggery syrup into it.
  • Add ¼ teaspoon green cardamom powder.
  • Mix the roasted mixture with the jaggery solution thoroughly.
  • When the mixture is still hot (tolerable), start making ladoos from it. 
  • Apply some oil in your palms to form the ladoos.
  • Once it gets cool, store in an air-tight container for a couple of weeks.

In Makar Sankranti  it is advisable to eat freshly harvested grains . As per Ayurveda one should eat Khichdi ( a preparation made from  pulses/ dal + Rice). Khichdi is very light to digest . As this is the time when the season is going to change, eating light and easy to digest food  is good for your health. It not only provides you essential nutrients but also keeps your gut healthy. You can use freshly harvested rice , lentils ( dal) , spices such as black pepper, ginger , cumin seeds etc. 

Wish you all A very Happy Makar Sankranti! 


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