Happiness Test

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Know Your Happiness -Happiness Test

Give yourself a self-rating anywhere on a scale of 0-3,3-5,5-8 and 8-10 8-10 with 10 being the highest.
Be Truthful and honest.

Analysis: You  Can  do calculation Manually also

80 -100 %: Happiness Soul: You are happiness divine soul who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual healthy. Keep spreading Happiness.


50 -80 %: Happy Soul: You are happy soul who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual healthy. But some time you missing one aspect of Happiness Example : sometimes you are emotionally oy spiritual week. So, need to work on this.

0-50% : You are feeling sad or depress. Need to connect some Alternative therapist.iness

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Your Spiritual Wellness: Do you feel a connection to something larger than yourself? Are
you at peace?

2 / 8

Your Community Wellness: Do you contribute to charities? Do you participate in volunteer
work? Do you belong to any Non Profit organizations that aim to improve the lives of others?

3 / 8

Your Social Wellness: Do you have a good relationship with your significant other? Do you
get along with your family? Do you have friends you can count on?

4 / 8

Your Job Satisfaction: Do you enjoy your work? Do you find your work to be meaningful?
Are you happy with your supervisor and your co-workers?

5 / 8

Your Mental Wellness: Are you depressed? Do you feel angry or fearful? Do you feel joy?
Do you feel inner happiness?

6 / 8

Your Physical Wellness: Are you healthy? Are you overweight? Do you have high or low
levels of energy?

7 / 8

Your Living Conditions: Are you happy with the city you’re living in? Are you happy in your
neighborhood? How do you feel about your current home?

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1) Your Economic Well-Being: Your net-worth would come into play as one of the factors to be
considered in order to calculate your net happiness.

Your score is

The average score is 7%