Mantra Chikitsa for Lifestyle Disorders: A Holistic Path to Wellness

In our fast-paced modern lives, lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, stress, hypertension, hair fall, and dull skin have become increasingly prevalent. Mantra Chikitsa, an ancient holistic healing approach rooted in the power of mantras and mindfulness, offers a profound way to address and prevent these issues. By incorporating specific mantras and practices into your daily routine, you can bring about positive changes in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how Mantra Chikitsa can be applied to transform your life and overcome these common lifestyle concerns.

1. Diabetes: Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is characterised by elevated blood sugar levels. Mantra Chikitsa encourages the use of specific mantras to promote mindful eating and healthy lifestyle choices. Before meals, silently repeat the mantra, “I nourish my body with love and awareness.” This practice helps you focus on eating mindfully, savoring each bite, and being conscious of portion sizes. Along with this, “Om Shanti” can be chanted daily to reduce stress, as stress management is crucial for diabetes control. Regularly practicing yoga and meditation can further enhance your ability to manage blood sugar levels.

2. Cholesterol: High cholesterol levels can lead to cardiovascular issues. Mantra Chikitsa recommends incorporating mantras that emphasize balance and moderation. Chanting “Om Hreem Hoom Namaha” while focusing on heart health can be beneficial. Alongside this, visualize a heart filled with light and vitality. A diet rich in fiber, such as whole grains and fruits, combined with the mantra practice, supports cholesterol management. As cholesterol levels begin to stabilize, you will feel a sense of inner balance and well-being.

3. Stress: Chronic stress takes a toll on both mental and physical health. Mantra Chikitsa is a powerful tool to combat stress and its harmful effects. Begin your day with the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” to invoke a sense of peace and inner strength. Throughout the day, use “Om Shanti” to bring tranquility and reduce stress. Incorporate deep breathing exercises while chanting these mantras to calm the mind. Regular mantra meditation not only reduces stress but also enhances resilience to life’s challenges.

4. Hypertension: Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often linked to stress and poor lifestyle choices. Mantra Chikitsa recommends “Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche” for hypertension management. This mantra invokes the energy of balance and harmony. Regular practice, combined with mindful eating, can help regulate blood pressure. Additionally, visualize your blood vessels expanding and contracting smoothly, promoting healthy circulation. Maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and a balanced diet complements the mantra practice and supports blood pressure control.

5. Hair Fall: Hair fall can be distressing and is often related to stress and poor nutrition. Mantra Chikitsa focuses on boosting self-esteem and self-care. Chant “Om Shreem” to enhance self-confidence and self-love. Regular scalp massages with natural oils, while silently repeating this mantra, stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Maintain a diet rich in protein, visualize strong and healthy hair, and use mantras to cultivate a positive body image. Over time, you’ll notice a reduction in hair fall and improved hair quality.

6. Glowing Skin: Radiant and healthy skin is a reflection of inner well-being. Mantra Chikitsa emphasizes inner and outer beauty. Start your day with the mantra “Om Shring Hring Kleeng Mahalakshmyai Namaha” to invoke the goddess of beauty and prosperity. Combine this with affirmations like “I am beautiful inside and out.” Maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated while regularly chanting these mantras. Additionally, practice natural skincare routines using mantra-charged products. The combination of inner confidence and external care will lead to glowing skin.

In conclusion, Mantra Chikitsa offers a holistic approach to managing lifestyle disorders by incorporating mantras and mindfulness into your daily life. Whether you’re dealing with diabetes, high cholesterol, stress, hypertension, hair fall, or a desire for glowing skin, these practices can transform your well-being. Consistency is key, so integrate these mantras into your daily routine and observe the positive changes in your health and overall quality of life. Remember that while Mantra Chikitsa can be a valuable complementary approach, it should not replace medical advice or treatment. Consult with healthcare professionals for specific health concerns.

5 Hacks to Control Hair Fall

5 Hacks to control Hair Fall

Hair fall is the most common condition found in both women and men . People start doing the remedies without even knowing the cause of Hair fall . It is very crucial to find out the cause and the reason why the person is losing hair . Once you identify the exact cause then you can easily manage hair fall issues . Providing nourishment and avoiding food damaging hair is the sample way to manage hair fall issues .

Let’s check out the most common causes of hair fall and how to manage them .

1. Protein deficiency – Most of the time people are not aware of this fact and they keep applying various kinds of oil and serums to control hair fall . Our hairs are made up of protein and once we don’t consume enough protein in our diet  it leads to hair fall . Vegetarians are generally not able to consume enough of protein in their diet as they are not aware of protein sources .

Solution :  Include proteins such as pulses, paneer , milk , soybean, Almond milk, Soy milk , egg , fish and chicken in your diet .Daily requirement of protein is 1gm/kg/day .

2. Lack of Sleep – Sleep if the time when your body rejuvenates and the process of repair is faster at this time . Lack of sleep slows down the process of healing which leads to hair fall and many other health issues . Even if you are on a nutritious diet, but you don’t give rest to your body then it definitely causes hair fall. Make sure to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.

Solution : Take 1 cup of warm milk at night , also make sure you take your dinner by 7:00 pm . Put 1 drop of cow’s ghee in both the nostrils , you can also do a light foot massage just before sleeping . Avoid using gadgets late at night and make sure you must turn off all the lights in the room for better quality sleep.

3. Anemia (Low Hemoglobin) : It is very important to check your Hb level, most of the time along with hair fall people also start feeling low in energy. Specially in females low Hb is also one of the common causes of hair fall. Sometimes we don’t check internal health parameters and miss the exact cause of hair fall. 

Solution : Include Vit C rich food in your diet like amla, oranges . lemon water and berries . Iron is also one of the important nutrients to manage Hb , so include Iron rich food like Spinach and other dark leafy greens , beetroot , dates and  nuts . You can also consume antioxidant rich vegetable juice .

4. Hormonal imbalance : In certain conditions like PCOS and Hypothyroidism , hair fall is a very common symptom . Instead of just popping vitamin pills, manage your hormonal disorders first and focus on eating more plant based food . The cause of hormonal imbalance is unknown but still it has been found in certain studies that excessive consumption of food rich in trans fats , chemical and junk food leads to hormonal imbalances .

Solution : It is advisable to consult an endocrinologist to manage your hormonal imbalance and along with that include food rich in Vitamin E in your diet .Include nuts and seeds in your diet and avoid consuming junk food .

5. Stress: Stress is also one of the most common causes of hair fall. There are many causes of stress which include personal, professional and health disorders. It is very important to manage your stress with correct nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Solution: Do yoga, deep breathing and meditation every day at least for 15-20 min. Even if you are not able to do this every day, just start it and see the results.