Natrural Remedy for sleep Disorder -Insomnia

Sleep disorders ,  a group of conditions that disturb the ability to sleep well. It involves issues related to the quality, timing, and amount of sleep, which result in daytime distress and impairment in body functioning.

Importance of Sleep:

Sleep is important for both physical and mental health. 

There are two types of sleep that generally occur in a pattern of three-to-five cycles per night:

Rapid eye movement (REM) – It is the time when most dreaming occurs

Non-REM – It has three phases, including the deepest sleep

How much sleep we need completely depends on age and from person to person. As per  National Sleep Foundation it is critical for  adults to tak seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night. 


  • difficulty in sleep
  • daytime fatigue and weakness 
  • unusual breathing patterns
  • unusual movement or other experiences while asleep
  • lack of concentration
  • Depression
  • weight gain

There are 5 basic types of sleep disorders seen mostly-  

  1. Insomnia- It refers to a condition in which a person is not able to sleep at night . It can be temporary due  to jet lag or sometimes due to  stress , anxiety, hormones, or digestive problems.
  1. Sleep apnea- Sleep apnea is a condition in which there is a pause during sleep. It can also cause you to wake up during the night.
  1. Parasomnias- It comes from a latin word which means  “around sleep,” It is characterized by abnormal sleep behaviors or physiological events that occur with specific stages of abnormal movements during sleep. They include- 
  • Sleepwalking
  • sleep talking
  • Nightmare
  • Bedwetting
  • teeth grinding or jaw clenching

Sleep behaviors aren’t limited to these, though. Any number of potential behaviors can occur while you’re sleeping.

  1. Restless leg Syndrome ( RLS) – It is an immense need to move the legs. Sometimes it is accompanied by a tingling sensation in the legs. While these symptoms can occur during the day, they are most prevalent at night. It is a neurological movement disorder characterized by unpleasant feelings in the legs associated with a need to move. These sensations may include:
  • Aches
  • Burning sensation
  • Tingling
  • Feeling of bugs crawling on the legs
  1. Narcolepsy- In  this condition you suddenly feel extremely tired and fall asleep without warning. This can be profound and may lead to falling asleep in inappropriate situations, such as while working or driving a car.

According to Ayurveda, Insomnia is explained as Anidra. The management or treatment of insomnia in ayurveda comprises of –

1. Shiro dhara (Head Massage)

Shiro means head and Dhara means flow means pouring or applying stimulating oils like Bhringaraj Taila, Til Taila, Ksheerabala taila on the Shira (head) and pressing down on the scalp in gentle, circular motions remarkably soothes the mind. This boosts blood circulation to the central nervous system and helps overcome sleeplessness. 

2. Abhyanga (Body Massage)- means oil massage

This reviving procedure involves a harmonizing full body massage with aromatic essential oils such as almond, rose, jasmine, lavender and sandalwood. 

3. Nasya 

3-5 drops of Anu taila, cow ghee or sesame seed oil in the nostril helps to release stress and tension from the head and improves mental clarity.

4. Medhya Rasayana

A class of herbal medications, Medhya Rasayana literally translates to the rejuvenation of brain power and intellect.

Herbs such as-

  • Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which contains an active compound known as triethylene glycol, which works wonders to induce sleep. Ashwagandha treats people with anxiety, stress and exhaustion.
  • Brahmi- Brahmi or Bacopa is one such herb that supports a restful sleep, calms emotional turbulence and also helps improve concentration and alertness. Brahmi, in Ayurveda, is called a brain tonic. This herb that cools the body and mind may provide an effective tonic for pitta dosha. 
  • Shankhpushpi- Shankhpushpi is a herb that contains flavonoids, glycosides and alkaloids that help soothe your nervous system by bringing relief to mental fatigue. It acts as a natural tranquilizer for anxiety neurosis that further helps in sleeping better.
  • Jatamansi- its a brain tonic and a memory enhancer, it also facilitates calmness and relaxation to a hyperactive mind. It helps in inducing sound sleep while rejuvenating and nourishing the nervous system.

Suffering from Insomnia ( Sleep disorder) –  Try YOGA NIDRA  ! 

Suffering from Insomnia ( Sleep disorder) –  Try YOGA NIDRA  ! 

Yoga Nidra is a kind of yogic sleep , it is a state of deep sleep. During Yoga nidra you are physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed . As you know that there is a relation between your body and mind. Our brain has many centres which perform various physical work , for eg, cerebrum controls the emotions , helps you to think and remember, Cerebellum helps in the movement of your body and maintain balance , Medulla is responsible for controlling involuntary movements like breathing and heartbeat. It has been observed in various studies that stimulation of brain centres strengthens the sensory and motor nerve response . 

In Yoga Nidra brain centres are activated in a specific sequence . Whatever affects the body must influence the mind and vice-versa. 

In Yoga Nidra one has to place awareness on various body parts in a specific sequence , along with focussing on breathing and relaxation. By doing Yoga Nidra one can recondition the mind and make it more powerful.Sometimes doing simple things makes a lot of difference in your life . 

Two aspects of Yoga Nidra 

1. When you move awareness on different parts of the body ,it not only relaxes the body and mind but also clears the nerve pathway in the brain.

2. It also alternates the opposite awareness of sensation like cold and heat .

How to do Yoga Nidra 

Visualization stimulates the reaction in the unconscious mind . Practice of Yoga Nidra for 10-15 min is very much beneficial for the people suffering from insomnia and anxiety .

First lie down comfortably on your back with eyes closed .Keep your feet apart and palms up.In the next step start bringing your focus on each area of your body starting from feet and legs .

For details – Watch this videos

Yoga Nidra Video 

Learn Art of sleeping

This practice not only helps you to bring self-awareness but it also improves your concentration. In various studies we have seen that people can manage their physical ailment by relaxing their mind . People who are suffering from Insomnia also suffer from various health issues like constipation, anxiety , digestion issues , raise in blood sugar levels and many others. Yoga Nidra is helpful for the individual suffering from insomnia .

Simple hacks to follow at bed time 

  • Stop watching any gadget 1 hr. prior to your bedtime 
  • Make sure room is dark while you are sleeping
  • Make sure your bed sheet and pillow covers are neat and clean 
  • Declutter your bedroom so that there is flow of energy 
  • Avoid using chemical spray in your bedroom , you can use natural aromatic oil for fragrance.
  • Take a light foot massage at bed time 
  • Take light and early dinner 


Certain herbs are very much beneficial for Insomnia such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Shankhpushpi .