Navratri Health Tips

We all are celebrating the spiritual time with Ma Durga during this Navratri . Most of us keep fast and pray to Goddess Durga  (Shakti) on all nine days . As per experts it is considered to be the best time to detox not only physically but mentally as well.But most of us are not aware of the right  way of doing the fast during Navratri. 

First question comes ,what is the scientific logic of keeping fast ? As per ancient science this season is considered as Chaturmas and during this time agno ( digestive fire) is relatively low . Keeping fast this time helps to provide rest to the digestive tract . Fasting during this time not only helps in rejuvenating and detoxifying but it also provides improvement in health disorders like PCOS, Obesity , liver disorders , hormonal imbalances , acne and a lot more .

Navratri is celebrated twice in a year , one during – Vasant – Spring and other during Grishma (Summer). As per Ayurveda this is the time when the season is changing and the body is more vulnerable to diseases . A good diet helps to boost immunity and helps to fight germs . As per Ayurveda Tamasic food items should not be consumed during this time period. Tamasic food includes stale food, Non veg , heavy food , onion , garlic, and fermented food. Satvik food on the other hand helps to boost immunity and rejuvenates body and mind .Satvik food includes fresh fruits, vegetables , milk and  nuts .

Why are foods consumed during Navratri healthier ?

  • During Navratri people generally use grains like buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) , Water chestnut flour ( singhare ka atta) , amaranth flour ( rajgira)  and millet flour. All these grains are gluten free and much healthier options than wheat .
  • Sendha Salt used in Navratri is good for hypertensive patients .It helps to absorb more minerals .
  • Intake of more fruits increases the intake of antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals and that is the reason skin issues like acne issues are taken care of during navratri. 
  • Intake of nuts like groundnuts, almonds and walnuts provide omega 3 and 6 , which helps in managing cholesterol issues . These foods also give you strength .
  • Intake water 10-12 glasses in a day helps to detoxify the body .

Some people consume food like fried chips , Sago papad, deep fried puri and other unhealthy snacks . Intake of heavy food has a negative effect on body and mind . Try avoiding these food items during fasting .All these food come in the category of Tamasic food . Intake of Tamasik food makes you feel dull and causes many diseased conditions in the body .
So this Navratri do make a decision to improve your physical and mental health . Food For Navratri – Water chestnut flour (singhare ka atta),Buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta),Amaranth flour (rajgira ka atta),Barnyard millet (vrat ke chawal),Cumin (jeera),Black pepper (kali mirch),Rock salt (sendha namak),Green cardamom (ilaichi),Ginger (adrak),Green chilli (hari mirch).Lemon (nimbu).Mint leaves (pudina),Curry leaves,Potatoes,Pumpkin (petha/kaddu),Sweet potato (shakarkandi),Bottle gourd (lauki),Cucumber (kheera),Sago (sabudana),Makhana,Dry fruits,All fruits,Milk and milk products (paneer, curd, ghee, khoya),Sugar,Honey,Jaggery (gur),Coconut and Groundnut oil.
Apart from following a healthy diet during Navratri , also follow a routine which is important for your spiritual growth and mental peace . Here are few activities which you can perform during Navratri :

1. Anulom Vilom Pranayama 

2. Yog Nidra 

3.  Deep Breathing

 4. Laughter Yoga Don’t indulge in excessive physical activity which make you tired .

Do soothing and light Yoga practices .
With all these practices you can see that after 9 days you feel more energetic and more refreshing